Dreaming Machine #3

Rough Ideas Architecture

REM sleep and dreaming: towards a theory of protoconsciousness

Hobson Core Ideas Primary consciousness (p803) Secondary consciousness Dreams involve features of primary consciousness, and not so much secondary. See the following features:
http://www.nature.com/nrn/journal/v10/n11/extref/nrn2716-s1.pdf Dream Consciousness and protoconsciousness The neurobiology of conscious state control (AIM) p808 foot 66 Imaging, Lesion and EEG Studies

The Evolution of Multiple Memory Systems


Machine Perception


Chapter 6 (Visual System)

A neural model of selective attention and object segmentation in the visual scene:

An approach based on partial synchronization and star-like architecture of connections Roman Borisyuka, Yakov Kazanovichb, David Chika, Vadim Tikhanoffa, Angelo Cangelosia Core Ideas Introduction: Module A (Selective Attention) Section 2 Module B (Contour Extraction) Section 3 Module C (Object Segmentation) Section 4 p713

The role of context in object recognition

Oliva & Torralba, 2007

Rapid Biologically-Inspired Scene Classification Using Features Shared with Visual Attention

Christian Siagian,

Dream Theory

Philosophical Artistic / Literary Psycological Cognitive / Neurological Computational Dreaming Machine #3 Memory Theory Machine Consciousness Machine Emotion Machine Perception

Dreaming and the brain: from phenomenology to neurophysiology

Yuval Nir & Giulio Tononi, 2009