Enclosure Design!

This aspect of the project has been quite slow and I have not been up to date on the blog; my last post was when I finished my first sketchy drawing in December! The company I had originally gotten a quote from no longer was able to do the job, which included technical drawing, design and fabrication in wood and metal. I approached quite a few companies but no one was able to do all aspects of the job and / or did not want to take on the design task.

After desperate searching my partner suggested I ask a friend of hers and Robert Billard has taken on the design and technical drawing task! This is a real favour since an architect is far over qualified for a small job like this. Thanks to him, this part of the project is finally moving and I should be able to get realistic quotes for the metal fabrication job! The images following show various renderings of the enclosure through a number of iterations; they are incomplete, but do give a sense of progress from older (top) to newer (bottom).

Robert realized early on that without some structure to prevent sheering, the front edge would just bend downwards. The latest design (bottom of post) replaces the bottom part that was meant to cover the bottom edge of the monitor, with boxes to resist sheering. The weight of the monitor is supported by a VESA mount on the back. The top part is largely there to place the camera and interface buttons near the screen. In the end the whole metal enclosure will be covered in a wood frame, which will rest on the top of the metal enclosure which is supported by the top edge of the monitor to prevent sheering.