Refinement of 3,000,000 Training Iteration Version

Since the previous post, I’ve focused on developing of the 3,000,000 iteration version. I was not happy with the shuffled version, shown below on the right of the 3,000,000 iteration version. I prefer the balance of large photo-readable segments and small segments that emphasize flow in the left (previously posted) version.

Following this I generated a sorted version of this composition where larger segments are behind the smaller segments; this emphasizes greater flow, but at the expense of photo-readable segments being visible. I’ve included the sorted version and a few details below. I was just thinking that perhaps I could include a small subset of the large (or medium) segments in the front of the small ones by manipulating of their order in a more complex way; for example, randomly select a few segments from the large end and insert them on the small end?