AA Edges in Zombie Formalist Renderer

In my test data for machine learning I was not very happy with the results because of strong jaggies, especially in outer edges where the edge of the texture cuts off the sine-wave gradient. I added some padding on each single row layer on the left and right edges and used a 1D shader blur to soften those cut off edges. This works quite well, but as shown below only works on the left and right edges; the top and bottom stay jaggy: (note, due to the orientation of layers, sometimes these ‘outer’ jaggies are radial and sometimes circular.)

I’ve fixed this by applying a 3 pixel feathered alpha channel on all 4 edges so that even the outer edges bet blended:

This works pretty well, but because the feathered edge is applied to the 1920×1920 resolution texture, that 3px feathering reduces to nothing approaching the centre, where jaggies are still visible:

It works ok when the stripes and transparency are restored (disabled in the images above), but there will always be jaggies and moire near the centre while I distort the square texture into a polar texture (see image below). It seems the only way to fix this would be a separate shader renderer… I’m leaving this for now to focus on finishing a prototype of the whole work.