Poor Zombie Formalist sketches.

The image above shows a selection of results from the same code used to generate the initial sketches used in Zombie Formalist proposals (included below). I just got access to this code recently as it was on the Shuttle PC used for the Watching and Dreaming exhibition at the Surrey Art Gallery.

I thought it would be interesting to take another look at these results after doing some of my colour field painting research. One insight is that even though this system is highly random, it often produces some quite interesting results; in fact most of the results are somewhat successful (as much as 75%). I’ve selected a few that lean towards being unsuccessful to contrast with the somewhat successful initial sketches. I think part of the reason for the high proportion of stronger compositions is due to the their simplicity (in particular the number of stripes); this is despite the softness of edges, widths and colours being random and evenly distributed.

For the next iteration I’m considering a generator that would allow for much more flexibility and variety; this will likely decrease the number of compositionally successful results due to a lack of constraint. The plan is to allow a much greater diversity in terms of image density and orientation.