“On Subjective Machines”

Artificial Imagination Symposium, Session Three: Conciousness and the poetic machine with Ben Bogart, Sofian Audrey, Allison Parish and Nora O Morchú, Arts Court Theatre, Ottawa, February 18th, 2018. Organized by Artengine.

The third conversation of the day is focused on acts of consciousness and the machine. With much resources invested in the instrumental or problem-solving aspect of artificial intelligence and machine learning, what do we make of the useless parts of the technologies? Scientific thinking tends towards an explanatory model of the universe where everything can be known, but what role does creativity have in a world where everything is known? Will an AI machine be able to recognize its own poetry? Perhaps most importantly, can machines dream and will those dreams matter to us?

This symposium brings together a group of cutting edge artists working with new technologies to discuss and share their experiences, their practices and their perspectives on algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is an exchange of ideas among them and with the public, and articulates a unique artistic perspective on the pressing conversations unfolding around our new machine collaborators.