Dense Stripes

After my last post on Karl Benjamin, I modified my stripe code to increase density and the following images show a selection of the results. Compositions are selected for variety and not necessarily aesthetic success. The code in the first case draws 25 stripes, but since the width of stripes could be as wide as the whole picture plane, many stripes are occluded.

The following images show an increase of density with 100 and 1000 stripes respectively. In these explorations I also sort the stripes by width so that the thinnest stripes will be on top to increase the visual density; there can still be occlusion thus not all the stripes will be visible. I pushed these explorations to the limit in order to get a sense of what maximal density could look like. It will be interesting to see how the sine-wave approach works out where there will be just as much density of stripes, but also more constraint in terms of colour variation.

For the first time I noticed a little rendering lag on the 1000 stripe version rendering on this older GTX 660Ti; this is something to keep in mind since I’m not sure about the rendering ability of the Jetson board I’m targeting. I’ve also included the full size of one of these high density images for reference: