Prep for ISEA 2014 in Dubai

While I had attempted to get real-time transition into the Dreaming Machine #3 software, I had a last minute issue with an interaction between system updates and performance. Rendering each frame went from 0.033 to 0.2 seconds, too slow to do a smooth transition between images generated in the thread. After spending a week trying to fix it, I gave up. So the version to be shown at ISEA will not have any transitions. The good news is that the shader-based renderer uses half the RAM, so I’ve increased percepts from 4000 to 6000 (more caused problems with the MLP). I also fixed crashes related to the IP camera being unreachable, so that should solve the issues that occurred during ACM Creativity and Cognition. Following is a selection of images produced by the system during testing using a live camera feed of my living room:

dubai-prep-13 dubai-prep-10 dubai-prep-08 dubai-prep-07