Clustering Update

Following are images that represent the learning of percepts over time. Each pixel represents the mean colour of a percept at a particular time. The identity of the percept is the Y axis, while the X axis is time. These were the results from the last ~90,000 pixel test, with 2000 background and 1000 foreground clusters requested.



The top image shows the background percepts, while the bottom image shows the foreground percepts. The original images are 90,000 pixels wide, and are available here: background and foreground. We only begin tracking these percepts once the max clusters has been reached. The middle of the original images have been removed where the left sides of the images are the start of the clustering process where all new patterns are clustered with the nearest cluster. The right side of the images shows the same clusters at the end of the test. Note how they diverge from the start to the end of the test. It is presumed that the apparent regularity on the Y axis in the background near the start of the test is due to the repetition of similar background percepts in subsequent frames. This also explains the regularity of colour blocks of foreground percepts at the start of the test. As this set of percepts is constantly adjusted to represent a continuous flow of sensory information, their regularity is reduced to increase their density.