Why scientific knowledge is not the same as Truth

Models always throw away information, and can only ever be approximations:
“Bonini’s paradox: models or simulations that explain the workings of complex systems are seemingly impossible to construct: As a model of a complex system becomes more complete, it becomes less understandable; for it to be more understandable it must be less complete and therefore less accurate. When the model becomes accurate, it is just as difficult to understand as the real-world processes it represents.”

The more we built models the more we realize what those models don’t explain. As knowledge increases, that which is not known also increases:
“Zeno’s paradoxes: “You will never reach point B from point A as you must always get half-way there, and half of the half, and half of that half, and so on…” (This is also a paradox of the infinite)”

(sourced from wikipedia)

The value of science is not in the truth value of its propositions, but in way scientific knowledge reflect how we conceptualize ourselves and our world.