53×53 Diptych (Manual Settings)

This is the third diptych prototype. I’ve changed the camera mode from auto white-balance and exposure to manual. The SOM in this case is much stronger, I suppose due to the colour constancy between images. Following are some details:

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49×49 SOL Diptych

This test is made up of 2401 images. The capture duration was about 2.5 hours, with a 500ms settle between frames. Luckily this worked out from centre, but later I realized that (a) spirals can only do square grids, and (b) that the 0 tilt is not the centre of the tilt range. The auto white-balance and exposure does not work very well in this situation. I could deal with the contrast effects to some degree, but the auto white-balance is problematic. Notice the edge effects around the cabinets. The next step is to use a light meter to do manual exposure and turn off auto white-balance.

One of the most interesting results is the out of focus images that happen in areas with little contrast. I’ve chosen a couple of details from the above images:

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Prototype SOL Diptych

This is the first post in the new SOL production category. This is because the SOL project has moved beyond the Dreaming Machine projects and I’ve decided to look at it as a different artwork.

I’ve had the idea of make SOL diptychs for some time. The diptych will be two collages made up of the same images. One will be arranged by the location of the images in space, captured systematically. The second will be arraged by the SOM. Below is an early prototype. This one is 4:3 rather than 16:9, which is because that is how the registration was done.

Images arranged by their captured location:

Images arranged by SOM trained on RGB histogram:

Its hard to say how successful it is, its only a 9×9 map, whereas SOLs are from 70×70 to 150×150 images. I’ll next capture a 50×50 map and see how long that takes, and how the resulting SOM looks.