900 Units

Now that I have switched to the moving camera the project seems to be steadily improving. The weather was very interesting this weekend, a mix of sun and rain. The result is some beautiful subject matter for the moving camera. I increased the size of the network to 30×30. This is now too big a SOM to display using the MAM visualization method (the image below was generated with ‘montage’ from imagemagick). The image does appear organized, but is still highly complex. I wonder how big a network would be needed for a non-folded SOM of this subject matter. I have to make a u-matrix visualization to see how folded the feature maps actually are.

I’m much happier with the aesthetic now. I’ve gone with a random-walk style of camera movement to give some continuity between subsequent frames. Here is the memory map from the system running over the weekend. This image is results from constant neighbourhood and learning functions (1 and 10) and represents approximatly 8 hours of stimulus. One memory slot was not associated with an image (with a red ‘X’).