“Machines of the Present Consume the Imaginations of the Past” (Moving Images) 2020

“Machines of the present consume the imaginations of the past” is a series of prints and moving images generated by machine interpretations of the canon of Western painting. These still and moving images emerge from interactions between machine imagination and the underlying statistical properties of the training data. Appropriated paintings are deconstructed pixel by pixel where the similarity of colour values determine emergent compositions. Paintings are selected to form a historical arc from the emphasis on realism during the Northern European renaissance, to the surrealist and cubist problematizations of realism that manifest the tension between realism and abstraction. Moving images show the subjective decompositional process from the original to an emergent abstract form. As the moving images are generated using a different learning process and resolution, they differ in structure from their still counterparts.

Exhibition History

2020, “Anti-Social” – Yactac Virtual Art Exhibition.