“Watching (2001: A Space Odyssey)” 2018

“Watching (2001: A Space Odyssey)” is a revisit of Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey” using the same generative methods from “Watching (Blade Runner)” (2016). In this case of this work, the visual vocabulary is 50,000 percepts and the audio was generated with a finer granularity compared to the “Blade Runner” version.

Installation Views

Installed at the Phoenix Art Centre in Leicester, UK for Art-AI in 2021.

Stills from Video


Exhibition History

2021, Phoenix Art Centre, Art-AI Festival, Leicester, UK.
2019, VIS Arts Program, IEEE VIS 2019, Vancouver.
2019, Documentation, Online Exhibition for NeurIPS Workshop on Machine Learning for Creativity and Design, Vancouver.
2018, Watching and Dreaming, TechLab – Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey, Canada.