“Reflex” 2006

“Reflex” is my latest improvisational work. It is a creative departure for me since it involves both the creation of sound and image simultaneously. “Reflex” stands out as a generative work since the equation used is not something I wrote nor fully understand.

“Reflex” is an exploration of Pure-Data and is only possible in Pure-Data. Pure-Data is composed of two parts: a GUI and a DSP engine. These two parts communicate through a local network socket. What “Reflex” does is hijack the data that is transmitted from the GUI to the DSP and feeds the information back into Pure-Data to be used as raw material. Since the “input” is a coded version of what is happening in the GUI, there is an automatic connection between the image (the Pure-Data GUI) and the sound (the coded representation of the GUI activity as seen by the DSP). The socket data is interpreted in two ways; first, in a raw form that simply feeds an oscillator and second, in an interpreted form where the patch searches for certain keywords and extracts codes to be presented in the image and transform the sound. The image we view is both the logic and diagram of the program as well as the hidden communication that happens inside Pure-Data.