“Seed” 2000

SEED is meant to bring attention to the implications of Genetic Engineering, and the Genome project, in our near future. With the evolution of biotech and information technologies it’s not difficult to foresee a future where biological organisms are digitally designed and manipulated. The the casual shedding of a eyelash could lead to a reconstruction of your being at the genetic level, without your permission.

SEED is based on a possible process chain from life to binary and then back again. I’ve created a similar chain using the image of the audience as a symbol of their genetic reality. The image of the users is captured by a video camera. This video signal is processed by software that generates a field of hexadecimal numbers based on random pixel locations and pixel colour values. The result of this process is projected onto the screen, filling the camera’s field of view. This creates a feedback loop where noise evolves the image over time. The feild of numbers becomes a kind of “Organism” that changes over time digitally, lacking natural selection to guide it’s growth.