“Engineered” 2001

“Nature is a woman, which the scientific man will subdue. He will methodically and systematically reveal Mother Nature, expose her secrets, penetrate to her womb and thus force her to complete submission.”
-Francis Bacon

Your body is a construction.
You are manufactured by science and technology.
You are dissected, decontextualized and probed.
You are no more than a machine.

Science is a system of knowledge. Medicine is a branch of science that deals with the human body. Science categorizes, cuts, dissects and projects in order to come to knowledge. Medical science understands the body as a machine, a complex system and nothing more. Engineered presents a new view of the body. A representation that is not a dissection but a unification. The body(s) of the participants and the environment are fused into one entity. The system generates a rendering of the subject as a probability cloud, an image of the body over time. This image is continuously updated in real time.