“Typographic Entanglement” 2010

Jonathan Aitken, Greg Corness, Ben Bogart, Kristin Carlson & Rayann Gordon

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This performance represents a continuing exploration of the role of kinetic typography in live performance. Part of a research project funded by SSHRC, the performance explores the relationship between typographic “characters” and dancers. Through the use of near-infrared tracking systems, the dancers are given a measure of control over the movement of words—influencing meaning through motion. Dancers find themselves in a world of words and attempt to develop a shared language.


“Reflex” 2006

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“Reflex” is my latest improvisational work. It is a creative departure for me since it involves both the creation of sound and image simultaneously. “Reflex” stands out as a generative work since the equation used is not something I wrote nor fully understand. (more…)

“Vector” 2005

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“Vector” is the continuation of Volume Curvature. There is a similar emphasis on form in space, but the main focal point for vector is a strong sense of line whereas Volume Curvature often becomes abstracted to the point of texture. Vector was first performed as part of pixelACHE 2005 in Helsinki, Finland. (more…)

“Volume Curvature” 2005



Volume Curvature is a performance piece settled in the body of work known as Self-Similar. During performance, complex organic volumes are created. I think of these volumetric forms as virtual kinetic sculpture. The colours, structure and style of the piece are inspired by the architectural work of Frank Gehry. The piece is a fusion of the structure of music over time and architecture. This performance is the first iteration of Volume Curvature. In future development the piece will be realized as an interactive installation.

“Self-Similar” 2004

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Self-Similar is a visual performance piece centered on the fractal theme of self similarity. Self-Similar generates images though an OpenGL feedback process so that the part resembles the whole. Self-Similar is performed live in response to an audience and musical context. (more…)

“Threads” 2004

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“Threads” is a visual performance piece that uses letters and words as the material of the image. (more…)