“Typographic Entanglement” 2010

Jonathan Aitken, Greg Corness, Ben Bogart, Kristin Carlson & Rayann Gordon

Video Documentation

This performance represents a continuing exploration of the role of kinetic typography in live performance. Part of a research project funded by SSHRC, the performance explores the relationship between typographic “characters” and dancers. Through the use of near-infrared tracking systems, the dancers are given a measure of control over the movement of words—influencing meaning through motion. Dancers find themselves in a world of words and attempt to develop a shared language.


“Resurfacing” 2006

Ben Bogart & Donna Marie Vakalis

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Resurfacing Website | Resurfacing: Byward Market Website


“Resurfacing” captures and archives snapshots or moments in the urban cityscape. These moments are evaluated both by the dynamics within the frame and by the behaviour of the audience. The public both explores and evaluates these moments through a tactile interface. (more…)