Stills vs Videos: Painting Appropriation

Posted: April 1, 2020 at 11:46 am

After doing a little work on the painting appropriation videos I’m realizing that the very soft boundaries that I’ve been after for the stills just happen in the videos, “for free”. The gallery below shows the video approach (right) next to the finalized print version (left). Note The lack of reorganization (areas of contrasting colour) in the still versions; e.g. the green and purple in the upper right quadrant of the top left next to the bright blob in the centre.

So should I abandon all this work done on the stills? The processing time is much much longer where a video takes ~6 days to compute for a merely HD version. Some time would be saved by not writing the individual steps to disk, but most of the time is the GPU processing. It seems using this method on the prints at full resolution would be very time-consuming. I could also just select frames from these video sequences and blow them up at higher resolution. The lack of edges and (literally Gaussian) aesthetic lends itself very well to scaling up. There are some banding effects in these gradients, but I confirm they are caused by differences of only 1 bit. I’ve included an example below where contrast is altered to exaggerate the banding. Dithering may be a solution… All in all I’m not sure where to proceed with prints after seeing these video results. Also it’s difficult to determine which frames from the videos should be selected…