NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Arrived!

Posted: February 13, 2019 at 10:51 am

The machine-learning embedded platform (NVIDIA Jetson) arrived last week! This is the board I chose for the Zombie Formalist so I could get decent GPU accelerated facial recognition with hopefully low power use and noise. The board is less hackable than I was expecting (e.g. switches are surface mounted!) so I may need to get a different board for the final work. So I installed Jetpack 3.3 and hooked up the square display to find a problem…

So there is the problem, a field of green noise in the signal. I asked on the NVIDIA forum and it seems there could be an issue with this resolution and the TX2 driver. So I’m going to boot it back up now and see if I can track down the issue. I remember from the old days before EDID one could specify a lot of detail to X to get it to generate a compatible monitor signal, so hopefully I can manage something like that!