Meeting #3

Posted: January 25, 2019 at 7:35 pm

I keep hoping to keep up with my reading and reflections for this project and I am not succeeding. I’m spending most of my time just catching up, rather than reading what I’ve already flagged as interesting and considering what has already been discussed. Unfortunately this post will not be any different; it’s a quick description of the last meeting and some quick notes of things to go back to.

The third meeting was a focus on artistic practise, so Karen, Robin and I talked a bit about our practises and I was struck by some very interesting intersections between Robin and I that seemed to resonate significantly with Sarah and Karen. Following are the notes taken by Robin during the meeting; I’ll provide some keywords below.

  • Wave Function Collapse
  • Collective Percolation
  • Boundaries and Subjectivity
  • Point of View
  • Appearance vs mechanism
  • Feedback loops
  • Propagation / Trajectory
  • Metropolis Algorithm
  • Evolution
  • Permeability of Boundaries
  • Propagation of collapsing wave functions
  • Conceptual Space
  • Correlation Length
  • Simulation of Skymrion with boundaries
  • Boundary Seeding


  • Collecting
  • Climate Change
  • Organizing Found Materials
  • Translating Natural Materials to Unnatural Materials
  • Decomposition
  • Self-Organizing biological materials
  • Object Oriented Ontology
  • New Materialism
  • Waste Culture and Antimateriality
  • Collage
  • Fragmentation
  • Growth
  • Decay
  • Biomimicry
  • Entropy
  • Permutation
  • Groundlessness (Hito Steyerl)

I think we were really onto something with the discussion of boundaries, decay, natural / unnatural, biological / synthetic and entropy in relation to structure. The potential cycle of nature as building and breaking down, where entropy decreases (creation) and then increases (destruction).