Early Work-in-Progress on a New Collage Work

Posted: August 9, 2019 at 4:28 pm

I started working through some ideas for a new collage following from my previous works using cinematic material. Robin Gleason donated some photos of her material collections to start with. I think the main issues are that

  1. The diversity of tones in a photograph means there is much more detail than appears and when one resorts components by colour, we end up with something that often resembles a gradient.
  2. The quality of the edges from this organic source material means there is little meta-structure to appreciate and the size of segments means their content becomes merely texture and looses all photographic realism.

It will be interesting to see whether the hard-edge apparatus photographs will allow the preservation those hard edges. Also I’ll be going from 22 photographs to over a 100, so the size of segments can be increased (in theory). The following images shows a full-resolution collage and a few details; the ~50,000 segments were organized by mean colour similarity using a under-trained Self-Organized Map (SOM). I also included a few other visualizations of some SOM (not painted using the segments) results that show the lack of interesting structure. I also plan to explore using features other than mean colour, which should allow for more complexity.

The following images are visualizations of various training sessions.