Bulk Compositions Generated on Jetson

Posted: February 23, 2019 at 12:13 pm

I spent the last couple of days reorganizing the visual exploration code into separate files. Now there is a class that holds all the rendering code and also a class for each layer of the composition. This makes the main program very clean and simple and a good stage for more ongoing development. The image above is a random generation of compositions on the Jetson. No editing here, literally the random output of the system. Most compositions are not very interesting; this is a good way for me to tune the system in terms of the breadth of generated diversity.

I wanted to get a little more work done using the square screen before I ship it back next week, due to the dark spots it arrived with. This is the second monitor I’ve received from them with this problem and I sure hope the third time is the charm. I’m going to record my unboxing in case there is a problem I can show them if it arrives with damage.