Bell’s Theorem and Reality.

Posted: March 12, 2019 at 6:48 pm

In one of my earlier posts I mentioned Bell’s Theorem and I’ve been spending some time reading thinking about this in relation to the EPR Paradox. That splintered off into many interesting and different directions for further reading and consideration, listed below. My interest in this area connects with my epistemological inquiry, and the idea of objects and subjects as being mutually constructive.

  • EPR Paradox
  • Counterfactual Definiteness
  • Observation
  • Quantum Discoherence
  • Free Will
  • The Copenhagen Interpretation
  • De Broglie-Bohm Theory
  • The Transactional Interpretation
  • Quantum Bayesianism

Update: I wrote this months ago and have not had a chance to return to it until now. After a week of seminars with Karen Barad, I’m inspired to return to this tough work but it’ll take a few posts to get from where I was at the time or writing the above to where I am now.