15,000 Sample Data Set

Posted: May 16, 2019 at 5:00 pm

The images above show a random sampling from the “good” (top) and “bad” (bottom) subsets from the newly labelled 15,000 sample data set. In labelling this set, I kept an eye on balance between “good” and “bad” and classes are quite even in this data set. This was accomplished by being more critical of compositions labelled “bad”. There are 1986 “good” and 1915 “bad” compositions in the new set. Approximately 13% of the data is now “good” and 13% bad, much higher than the previous 5% for the 5000 sample set.

It was interesting to look at a much broader collection of compositions as I noticed a few things that I wanted to be possible are possible, albeit very rare. There were a few single colour compositions (5ish?), and some quite soft compositions. I did not see any compositions with very broad gradients (collections of low frequency stripes with low contrast and some transparency) which would be nice. I also noticed some aesthetic weaknesses in general and have planned some renderer changes to resolve these (including increasing min circle size, increasing number of subdivisions of offsets and tweak the range of sine-wave frequencies).