Training without width and height features.

Posted: September 19, 2017 at 3:11 pm

I thought I would try training without using the size of regions as features. The macro structure is quite nice, but it did not converge any better/faster than those using all the features. I do like the even distribution of the different sized segments over the composition. I think the previous versions are likely best, but I think they would need to be rendered larger (not possible on my current hardware if I want to ) so the large number of percepts do not overlap so much.

SOMResults_Segments_60000000_0-29309289_100stride_1_1_BGRSOMResults_Segments_60000000_0-29309289_100stride_1_1_BGR-Detail-A SOMResults_Segments_60000000_0-29309289_100stride_1_1_BGR-Detail-B SOMResults_Segments_60000000_0-29309289_100stride_1_1_BGR-Detail-C SOMResults_Segments_60000000_0-29309289_100stride_1_1_BGR-Detail-D SOMResults_Segments_60000000_0-29309289_100stride_1_1_BGR-Detail-E