Filtering collage components by area (large)

After looking at the previous results I think the issue is that there is simply too much diversity in all 200,000 components to make an image with any degree of consistency. I’ve managed to implement code to filter image components based on pixel area. The following images and details are composed of the top 5,000 and 10,000 largest components. Due to the large size of these components, these are full size (no scaling) and suitable to large scale printing. I think the first image with 5,000 components is the most compelling. I will now look at making collages from the remaining smaller components, or a subset thereof.

SOMResults_20000000_0-5000-Collage-1-16384 SOMResults_20000000_0-5000-Collage-1-16384-Detail SOMResults_1000000_1-10000-Collage-1-16384 SOMResults_1000000_1-10000-Collage-1-16384-Detail