Early Collage Results!

Posted: April 29, 2017 at 3:58 pm


The image above shows some early results of organizing 200,000 percepts (the same vocabulary used in “Watching (Blade Runner)“) in a collage according to their similarity (according to width, height, and colour). I’ve included a few details below showing the fine structure of the composition. The image directly below shows a visualization of the SOM that determines the composition of the work.


The huge diversity of the segment sizes contributes to the clumping of quite large segments in the upper left corner. I think this is a little extreme, so I should try rendering the larger percepts smaller, while keeping the same arrangement.

Detail-D Detail-F Detail-E Detail-A

I also tried a version placing the percepts on black to emphasize the colours and structure since many of the percepts have very dark grounds due to the palette of Blade Runner, which I think is more successful that the white.