5861858 Segment Collage

Posted: September 6, 2017 at 4:34 pm

I wanted to do a test with a large number of segments spread evenly over the set of all segments to represent the palette of the whole film; the following image and details shows the result. Now that I’m using such a large number of percepts I’m noticing there is an dark outline around most percepts. This seems to be an anti-aliasing effect and I’m testing a version of the collage code that disables it. Due to the large number of segments, I used a relatively small number of training iterations (approximately 5 million) and thus the organization is not very good. Still, the results are interesting and quite painterly. In my next test I’ll go in the other direction and use a small (100,000) number of percepts evenly distributed over the set of all segments.

SOMResults_Segments_5861858_0-29309289_1_1SOMResults_Segments_5861858_0-29309289_1_1-Detail-D SOMResults_Segments_5861858_0-29309289_1_1-Detail-A SOMResults_Segments_5861858_0-29309289_1_1-Detail-C SOMResults_Segments_5861858_0-29309289_1_1-Detail-B