Tweaks to rendering previous sequence

Posted: February 11, 2016 at 10:14 am

I wanted to increase the size of rendered percepts so there was less empty space between clusters and move away a little from the pointillist aesthetic; I did not have time to try this for the Open Studio. Following are the same images as in the previous post.

store-0000491 store-0002385 store-0005571 store-0006556 store-0007551 store-0008151

Over my last couple days here I’d like to try reintegrating the code that would render the percepts at different sizes since they ended up quite uniform for this clip. I removed that code in order to make LUT generation more efficient considering my limited time. Maybe I can think of a more efficient way to do it… Also I have not yet had a chance to generate montages from these new colourful percepts.