No training with 36px blocks

Posted: April 14, 2016 at 11:17 am

Following from my previous post the following image and details show the level of fragmentation using blocks of 36px. This corresponds to the SOM being 36 times smaller than the original pano. I’m currently doing a 20px run (1421×306 lattice), but its proving to be very slow. Even though I’m not doing any training, getting the BMUs for each segment is extremely slow, ~4 hours for the 36px blocks. In the image below I use a gradient alpha mask to fade between the original panorama at the bottom and the lattice arranged segments.


still-proxy-pano-edit-montageCV-5_500-SOM-noTraining-SOMScale-36-Detail-A still-proxy-pano-edit-montageCV-5_500-SOM-noTraining-SOMScale-36-Detail-B still-proxy-pano-edit-montageCV-5_500-SOM-noTraining-SOMScale-36-Detail-C