Linear Sequence of Colour Fields

Posted: April 22, 2016 at 4:45 pm

The following images show a sequence where the neighbourhood size increases linearly from 1 to 33 (skipping even neighbourhood sizes). In networks with neighbourhoods larger than 33, the results look about the same structurally and occasionally show large changes in subsequent neighbourhood sizes. The larger the neighbourhood the more instability there seems to be.


SOMWeights-0000003 SOMWeights-0000005 SOMWeights-0000007 SOMWeights-0000009 SOMWeights-0000011 SOMWeights-0000013 SOMWeights-0000015 SOMWeights-0000017 SOMWeights-0000019 SOMWeights-0000021 SOMWeights-0000023 SOMWeights-0000025 SOMWeights-0000027 SOMWeights-0000029 SOMWeights-0000031 SOMWeights-0000033