Initial Arrangement of Segments without Training

Posted: April 13, 2016 at 6:50 pm

I found a bug in the code such that the initial conditions of the network were not properly corresponding with the original pano. The following image shows a untrained map where the features of segments in each 100 px square block are averaged and then the closest region is presented in that location. The top image shows these segments in each block’s position. The image below is the same, but with the original pano underneath it and a detail. As this is the least fragmented the Cartesian SOM can represent, I’m now running a pass with smaller blocks and we’ll see how that looks.

still-proxy-pano-edit-montageCV-5_500-SOM-noTraining-noPano still-proxy-pano-edit-montageCV-5_500-SOM-noTraining