First look at results of processing all frames from Blade Runner

Posted: August 16, 2016 at 8:26 am

I have been slowly making progress on the project, but had my attention split due to the public art commission for the City of Vancouver. I managed to run k-means on the 30million segments of the entire film and generated 200,000 percepts (which took 10 days due to the slow USB2 external HDD I’m working from). The following images show a selection of frames from the first third of the film. I’m currently working on the second third. They show a quite nice balance between stability and noise with my fixes for bugs in the code written at the Banff Centre (which contained inappropriate scaling factors size features).

store-0046860store-0042023 store-0033679 store-0023774 store-0018915 store-0011998 store-0009795 store-0007501 store-0007156 store-0003869 store-0003006 store-0001412