Colour Fields and Neighbourhood Size

Posted: April 17, 2016 at 1:08 pm

The following images show visualizations of the SOM’s structure. The visualization is composed of rectangles where their colour, width and height correspond to the segments association with that location. The segments themselves are shown underneath the visualizations.

still-proxy-pano-edit-genSOMVizCV-5_500-SOM-10000-SOMScale-36-sigma1 still-proxy-pano-edit-montageCV-5_500-SOM-10000-SOMScale-36-sigma1

I’ve included the results of training two SOMs over 10,000 iterations with full sized (above) and 1/10 sized (below) neighbourhoods. Note, the smaller the neighbourhood, the more tied to the original location these colour fields are; e.g. the red area below is near red benches in the original pano, and the dark field is near the darker buildings on the left side.

still-proxy-pano-edit-genSOMVizCV-5_500-SOM-10000-SOMScale-36-sigma10 still-proxy-pano-edit-montageCV-5_500-SOM-10000-SOMScale-36-sigma10

I’ve also included a very rough mock-up using the above colour field to fill in the spaces between the segments in the map: