Collages from new clip

Posted: February 11, 2016 at 9:31 pm

Due to the final push to get the video of the second clip ready for the Open Studios event, I did not have a chance to create any collages from those percepts. The following are a few explorations, some of which involve sorting the percepts according to some of their features, such as the area of the region, or its hue or saturation.

BAiR-BMontage-Sort-Area-1-1 BAiR-BMontage-Sort-Area--noFilter-1-0.25 BAiR-BMontage-Sort-Area-noFilter-1-0.125 BAiR-BMontage-Sort-Aspect-noFilter-1-0.25 BAiR-BMontage-Sort-Aspect-noFilter-1-1 BAiR-BMontage-Sort-Hue-1-1 BAiR-BMontage-Sort-Hue-noFilter-1-0.25 BAiR-BMontage-Sort-Hue-noFilter-1-0.125 BAiR-BMontage-Sort-Sat-noFilter-1-0.25 BAiR-BMontage-Sort-Sat-noFilter-1-1