Clustering Test 4

Posted: April 3, 2013 at 10:15 am

For those that are highly detail oriented you may notice that although all the previous clustering tests are supposed to be 300 frames long, but they are actually not. I spent a week finding the problem of why the openframeworks draw() method would not be called on some frames, and then get called again later, all at seemingly unpredictable times. Function by function I gutted my program until all that was left was an empty shell producing debugging output, and yet the problem persisted! At that point I was convinced this must have been a bug in openframeworks and filed a github issue. I thought I should test on another machine, I did so and the problem did not occur. Then I realized that draw() is not called when the window is minimized. My development machine is headless and I use it via an ssh X11 tunnel and vnc (to run with opengl). Turns out it was the screen-saver that was causing the problem: draw() would not be called when the screen-saver was engaged. So I’m back on track. Following is a 1000 frame test, as usual at very high resolution and with the original frames on the left. In this case I limit background percepts to 1000, so once 1000 percepts have been reached, then new segmented regions are merged with the nearest cluster, no matter how far away it is. I also ran a 10,000 frame test overnight; I’ll look at that data and summarize in a future post.