Clustering Memory Leak Solved!

Posted: September 11, 2013 at 9:31 am

After confirming no leaks in the segmentation code I reran the clustering unit test. Even over 1000 frames, this clustering code showed a significant leak: (The black line is a linear model fitted to the data.)


The leak was caused by the way I was replacing percepUnit instances with newly merged percepUnit instances. The solution was to change the mergePerceps() function from returning the merged percepUnit to modifying a percepUnit in place using pass by reference. A 10,000 frame test overnight has shown that there is no longer a leak in the clustering code:


I did notice some strange percepUnits while debugging the memory leak. I need to confirm that the new background segmenter is producing reasonable results before moving on. After that, the next steps are to merge all these changes from unit tests into the trunk code, and then I can begin rewriting the way threading and rendering is done. At which point I will have caught up with where I was at the start of the summer.