Creativity and Cognition Approaching Fast!

I have been hurriedly attempting to fix some of these memory leaks before exhibition at the Creativity and Cognition conference happening next week. In lieu of any significant development progress, this is a grab of what the perceptual output currently looks like: (note the white background has been replaced by the background model.)

Screenshot of micro:0 at 2013-06-10 10:12:19

~150,000 frame test with live camera

In preparing for the exhibition of a prototype of the system for Creativity and Cognition, I’ve been running the system with a live camera input. The good news is that the system is looking aesthetically interesting (sorry no screen-grabs currently available). The bad news is that this testing seems to have uncovered a memory leak somewhere, as shown in the continued increase of memory usage even after the maximum number of clusters have been reached for FG and BG:

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