“An Artist in Process:
A Computational Sketch of Dreaming Machine #3″ 2012

Video Documentation | Video Documentation w/ Interview

Results of the mini-residency and exhibition of work in progress towards Dreaming Machine #3 at New Forms Festival 2012.

Photo Credit: Scott Kaplan


After New Forms Festival

Posted: September 28, 2012 at 11:05 am

I have not posted in a while due to keeping busy with preparing for the New Forms Festival. I collected quite a lot of images (~750,000), enough for a few full day cycles which will be good to test with later. I spent most of the prep time before the exhibition working on loading percepts saved to disk by the segmentation system, and generating images in openframeworks. It was not until I was in the exhibition space for the mini-residency that I started working on a prototype of the dreaming system. I skipped the high level features and just used the low level features for association (mean L, u, v for colour, area for size, X and Y position and frame number for time). (more…)