First Attempt to Integrate LIDA and current DM3 thinking.

Posted: November 5, 2011 at 11:19 am

This is the first attempt to integrate modules from the LIDA model into my current conception of the DM3 system. This is based on the interactive diagram of the LIDA architecture. The dotted line is a possible link between the dream model and the consolidation of episodic memory. It is still unclear what the “Attentional Codelets” do, and the exact details of what structures are passed between modules. The distinction between the location of objects and their features does not appear to be part of this architecture.

Even if the LIDA framework is not used, the modules themselves could be used and altered to fit this project. A more ambitious option would be to add dreaming to the architecture (Dreaming LIDA: DLIDA), but I’m not sure the underlying assumptions are compatible with this development (the need for predetermined drives). It is unclear at this time how the associations work in LIDA, and how that relates to the neurally based ideas previously posted.