“Volume Curvature” 2005



Volume Curvature is a performance piece settled in the body of work known as Self-Similar. During performance, complex organic volumes are created. I think of these volumetric forms as virtual kinetic sculpture. The colours, structure and style of the piece are inspired by the architectural work of Frank Gehry. The piece is a fusion of the structure of music over time and architecture. This performance is the first iteration of Volume Curvature. In future development the piece will be realized as an interactive installation.

“Self-Similar” 2004

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Self-Similar is a visual performance piece centered on the fractal theme of self similarity. Self-Similar generates images though an OpenGL feedback process so that the part resembles the whole. Self-Similar is performed live in response to an audience and musical context. (more…)

“Threads” 2004

Images | Video Documentation


“Threads” is a visual performance piece that uses letters and words as the material of the image. (more…)

“Step & Repeat” 2003



“Step & Repeat” is an interactive video installation. For each step the user takes toward the screen the character on-screen takes a step toward the user. (more…)

“Oracle” 2003

Images | Video Documentation | Project Source (230MB)


“Oracle” is an interactive new media installation. It uses real-time weather data, chaos math, and the presence of the viewer(s), to create abstract narratives framed as oracles. (more…)

“Engineered” 2001



Science is a system of knowledge. Medicine is a branch of science that deals with the human body. Science categorizes, cuts, dissects and projects in order to come to knowledge. (more…)

“Aporia” 2001


Aporia Masthead

Aporia is a network of simulacra. The work exists on two planes, the emotional plane, a literal/metaphorical representation, and the conceptual plane. The conceptual plane consists only of signs. The signified are veiled through abstraction and encryption. Social entities are referred to only by the IP address of their internet presence. Technological entities are represented as patent numbers or diagrams. (more…)

“Seed” 2000


Seed Masthead

SEED is meant to bring attention to the implications of Genetic Engineering, and the Genome project, in our near future. With the evolution of biotech and information technologies it’s not difficult to foresee a future where biological organisms are digitally designed and manipulated. The the casual shedding of a eyelash could lead to a reconstruction of your being at the genetic level, without your permission. (more…)